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Rightly mentioned in Ayurveda-

By knowing one science alone,

one cannot arrive at an accurate scientific assessment.

Therefore, a physician should study other sciences

in order to arrive at correct diagnosis.

Su. Su. 4:6            

Educational Qualifications-

  1. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (Maharashtra University of H.S)                         
  2. Diploma in Diet & Nutrition
  3. Diploma in Fitness Management
  4. Diploma in Spa Therapy
  5. Diploma in Yoga & Ayurveda
  6. Professional Diploma in Clinical Research
  7. Certificate in Entrepreneurship Development & Management
  8. Harvard Manage Mentor Certification in Stress Management
  9. Harvard Manage Mentor Certification in Time Management
  10. Harvard Manage Mentor Certification in Career Management

Health Beyond Medicines...

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 Varsha Ritu (Indian Monsoon) 

21st June 2014- 23rd August 2014

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Live In The Present...


Never take a favor for granted...

Happiness is highly contagious

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