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Does your food give you all those nutrients that your body requires?

Do you eat organic food or inorganic food?


In fact, none of us have ideal diet as per the nutritional norms. But we can certainly move towards having ideal diet so as to not cause hair fall and other health issues.


Inadequate nutrition, these days, is the most common cause of hair fall

Even if you have ideal diet, do you know what are the factors that affect absorption of those nutrients. Having nutrients is one thing and having those absorbed by the body is another.


Let us consider 2 most important nutrients responsible for hair growth, zinc and iron.


Zinc is a trace mineral and there is no body store for zinc. So we need to consume adequate zinc through our daily diet to maintain optimum levels

Problems with the guts can lead to problems absorbing zinc. This includes gut conditions such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and coeliac disease, and conditions where there is persisting diarrhoea.

People who drink excessive alcohol can also not absorb zinc normally. Long-term illnesses, such as chronic liver or kidney disease can also result in low absorption of zinc. High-dose iron supplements can also affect the way zinc is absorbed, leading to deficiency.


Iron is another essential mineral for hair growth. Malabsorption of iron is common after some forms of gastrointestinal surgeries. Most of the iron taken in by foods is absorbed in the upper small intestine. Any abnormalities in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract could alter iron absorption and result in iron-deficiency


Having excessive tea, coffee, nicotine, tobacco, etc. also hinders iron absorption

The fast paced lifestyle, lack of sleep, nutritionally inadequate diet, etc. are some of the factors which cause hormonal imbalance. Many of the hormonal imbalances are not so alarming in the initial stages but can cause serious health issues if not attended early. There are many lifestyle hacks which can help you get your deranged hormones back into their optimum levels without even using any medications. Yoga, meditation, spa therapies, etc. work wonders for hormonal imbalances

STRESS is a buzzword today. Everybody is stressed. But do we really understand what stress is?

Stress is a body's defence mechanism and hence an essential component of our lives. Stress is not something which we can avoid. If at all we can avoid is stressors.

Stressors is what causes stress. There are 2 types of stress. One is acute stress and other is chronic stress. Acute stress is useful for our survival.

However, what we do not know is that acute stress, if not attended appropriately, becomes chronic and causes harm in our body. What harm does it cause?

It deranges the hormones which are the chemical messengers of our body and sends unwanted signals in the form of harmful symptoms. Again, there is no pill which will reduce stress but NLP, EFT, Yoga, and SPA provide best solution to tackle stress. 

The variety of hair care or hair styling products are loaded with chemicals which, if used unwisely and more frequently, do damage the hair. Read the contents of your hair products and Google them to find out for yourself.

Newer hair treatments are not 100% safe and do damage to you hair causing hair fall. Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight, such as pigtails or cornrows, can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia.

I have observed now a days people attribute hereditary/genetic factor to most of the health issues they face. Many a times it is just the laziness of not finding a cause and attribute it as hereditary problem or genetic problem. However, there is something called as epigenetics. Now what is epigenetics? Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence. And that is what matters

Hair loss can be a side effect of certain drugs which you are consuming. Taking a personal history helps me evaluate this reason.

Want to know how I can help you out?

60 minutes "1-1 Consultation"

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Integrated Holistic Approach

Beyond just diet & exercise, we focus on more important aspects of wellnes- LIFESTYLE!

We help you select a right nutraceutical for you to fulfill your daily nutritional needs!

The treatment does not involve any expensive procedures!

The principles of treatment are 100% natural!

The treatment is devoid of any chemical lotions, creams, etc.!

Since it is a holistic treatment you see overall improvement in your health!

I have tried this treatment over 1500 patients and it is proven to work!

The method is easy to follow and you are rescued from weekly clinic visits!

The treatment does not involve any expensive procedures!

The principles of treatment are 100% natural!

The treatment is devoid of any chemical lotions, creams, etc.!

Since it is a holistic treatment you see overall improvement in your health!


How it works?

Let me start with GOOD NEWS…

If you follow my treatment using natural principles, you will not only stop your hair fall but also regrow your hair which will be thick with a beautiful luster and a good volume. You will never see the split ends again and eventually, dandruff will go away completely


I have been doing this for over a decade now and it works like magic

Every other person we meet these days is facing a hair fall problem. The reason is that currently there are many different factors that contribute to hair loss. Because there are different factors, there is no one particular treatment for all 

Here is why my customized lifestyle plan works like a magic

I do a detailed analysis of your problem to find out the root cause of your problem and provide you with a customized lifestyle plan.

Interesting, isn’t it?


Easy remedies

1 hour consultation

100% Natural Principles




Dr Viraj Nimbalkar

Founder & Creator Of --Dr Nimbalkar's Lifestyle Management Matrix

“Year 2001, when I was in my late teenage, I suffered from hair fall and hair greying.

The reason was immense stress as I was studying for my medical school entrance examination


Since that was the age before Google and information wasn’t readily available, I had to rely on Doctors around my town for the treatment

The treatments were expensive and included all chemical medications with potential side effects. I did try those treatments but all the it gave me was temporary results. Once the treatments and chemical medications were stopped, hair started greying and falling. Eventually I gave up


Thankfully, I did well in my exam and got admitted to the medical school to fulfil my dream of becoming a DOCTOR

Within 3 months of admission in the medical college I got rid of hair fall and hair greying in just 3months. I remember coming back for a vacation and my friends and family were surprised to see my black and dense hair


How did this happen? Was it a miracle?


It was a miracle for many of us. However it was a natural and scientific treatment that worked like a miracle. I was blessed with some awesome faculty in my medical school who helped me get rid of the problem


Post becoming a doctor and very early in my career I was lucky enough to work with the world renowned brands like FOREST ESSENTIALS and TAJ GROUP. There I helped several clients get similar results, using the same treatment principles, but much faster


Post pandemic, since the world got comfortable with digital platforms, I thought why not share these secrets with everyone

And thus you have landed here. There’s more to come your way. Do book your appointment for 1-1 consultation”

"I know that hair fall can be treated naturally and now I want world to know that. Think how many ads do you come across which mention about expensive treatments and chemical medications, while all you need is natural principles - And this is why I want to change this game by my Customised Lifestyle Plan & Treatment"


While There’s a Lot To Share…But, Without Keeping It Like a Boring About Me Section…I Will Come Straight To The Point…
My treatment methodology has treated hair fall within no time! 

Few Of My Clients Have Started To See Incredible Results…Like, curing hair fall completely in just 6 weeks at the expense of Rs.231/- for a hair oil… THIS IS MIRACULOUS!! 
Not Just That…I Have Saved People From Spending Crazy Amount Of Money On Expensive Treatments and Chemical Medications Unnecessarily!

See, The Truth Is, You Can Start Today or Wait to lose all your hair! Post that you may go for hair implants, etc. to regain your hair OR you can take action now. 
And I Personally Believe That Natural Principles That I share during the consultation are common!


It’s All About The Strategy of “HOW” you use Natural principles And approach hair fall problems!

While Majority Of People Think only expensive treatments and chemical medications can cure hair fall, I Have Been Using Natural Principles and Indigenous herbs to treat the same since 2007.

The Natural Principles may seem common and too simple to have such a tremendous positive effect on your health but how to blend those into your daily lifestyle is What Makes It Unique!

I Will Not Just Teach You The Natural Principles…I Will Also Cover a Lot More Strategic Stuff, Like,  How to design your own lifestyle with the help of an exclusive tool which I hold the copyright for… and that is Dr Nimbalkar’s Lifestyle Management Matrix which will increase your likelihood of achieving your health goals by 92% … And So Much More That I cannot write here 😉


In just 1 hour, I will share with you a step-by-step action plan with which you can STOP your hair fall and also answer any queries that you have. All this is very much possible from the comfort of your home on a zoom call.

If this does not excite you, tell me what more I can do for you. Feel free to write to me @ +91 80975 23283 and I will try my best to honour your request. This is Dr Viraj signing off until we meet again!

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